How we do it

Health Coaching

Employees receive a customized health plan to enhance their well-being. It includes activities related to nutrition, physical activity, and recovery, and is designed in collaboration with our health coaches.

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Analysis & Reporting

Track trends, detect deviations, and proactively take action by continuously monitoring the organization's progress. Include health data and key metrics in your sustainability reporting.

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Management Training Program

Gain the necessary tools to fully implement health promotion in your organization. Understand the evidence-based KPIs and learn how you, as a manager, can strategically, preventively, and measurably work with health.

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We also provide lectures and events focused on health and well-being.

Sustainability and health - from sports to business

IMR was founded in 2019 by Mats Sundin with a vision to help companies and individuals improve their health and create sustainable employees. The key to achieving this lies in individualized approaches, goal setting, and measurable results – a method proven successful in competitive sports. In collaboration with some of Sweden’s leading researchers, IMR has developed KPIs for what constitutes a sustainable employee. This enables the business sector to work on health prevention and report key metrics in their sustainability reporting.

3 reasons to choose IMR as your health partner

Increased Profitability

The increasing prevalence of ill health in society leads to higher rates of sick leave and decreased productivity. With IMR, each employee receives a customized health plan to thrive both at work and in their personal lives. This results in reduced illness and increased profitability.

Increased Engagement

Engaged employees show up to work and "go the extra mile". Being engaged at work requires well-being. With IMR, you receive health data and can take proactive measures to ensure high engagement.

Reduce Employee Turnover – retain your Talents

Finding competent employees is a challenge for all hiring managers. By offering health coaching to employees through IMR, you send a clear signal about the importance of work-life balance and that sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It's true employer branding.


Within Skandia’s Health Chain, IMR’s services are offered with a preventive wellness program that promotes healthy workplaces and reduces the risk of sick leave. Skandia’s Health Chain is a complement or alternative to traditional occupational health care, read more here about Skandia’s offer.

IMR is part of Söderberg & Partners’ benefit offer via Benefits, which is aimed at companies’ and organizations’ employees.

IMR is also a partner for proactive health work at Söderberg and partners’ other Wellbeing services.