Health Coaching – how it works

Health Coaching is a powerful tool to help and support individuals achieve better health. IMR’s health coaches are trained Health Educators from the Health Promotion program at GIH (Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences). They are experts in lifestyle and behavior change related to physical activity, nutrition, and recovery. Together with your health coach, as an employee, you will create a customized health plan based on your needs.

Health Survey

The health survey includes questions about your health and is answered prior to each meeting with your health coach. The answers serve as a basis for meetings and enable tracking of your progress over time.

Health Coaching

Your health coach provides you with the tools you need to create sustainable well-being. You have regular contact, and based on your goals and needs, you collaboratively create a health plan.

IMR's app

In IMR's app, you can access your health plan, health data, and content developed by leading experts in lifestyle habits. The app also allows you to contact your health coach at any time.

Meet Lisa, one of IMR's Health Coaches